553% Increase in Organic Traffic - Arb and Grounds Case Study

Case Study – Arb & Grounds

The Client

Arb & Grounds Equipment LTD

Arb & Grounds are Derby’s #1 Garden/Grounds Machinery Sales, Repairs and Servicing Centre.

They the largest supplier of lawnmowers, ride-on lawnmowers, strimmers and brushcutters, chainsaws and arborist equipment in Derby.

As well as selling, they also service and repair any of the above machinery (plus a lot more).

They are active in both the B2B and B2C markets.

The Challenge

Arb & Grounds, Derby’s #1 Garden/Grounds Machinery Sales, Repairs and Servicing Centre, severely lacked an effective digital presence, which didn’t help them convey their #1 status that well.

I was brought in to help with their digital marketing assets and strategy – social media and website development, content and optimisation – with a view to increasing awareness of the company.

The Strategy

Company Identity

In desperate need of a facelift, I developed a new logo, colour palette, typography and tone of voice.

To future-proof brand integrity, I created a set of user-friendly guidelines that advised their staff on the proper usage of these elements.

Using both Google Analytics and historical sales data, I split customers into ‘user groups’, identifying the key motivations, triggers and shopping habits of each.


I rebuilt the website from the ground up, focusing heavily on the mobile-experience, as, the majority of inbound traffic was via smartphones and tablets.

Page content was re-written to be both SEO-friendly and tailored in-line with the user groups. Unnecessary pages, images and other ‘bloat’ were removed to speed up the website.

The user interface was simplified and optimised for handheld devices. Page titles, meta descriptions and image attributes were all changed to improve organic SERP conversion rates.

Alongside this, I adjusted both the key message and delivery schedule of existing PPC adverts to get an instant exposure boost and to ensure they were achieving maximum ROI throughout their lifetime.

Social Media

I created an account on Facebook and scheduled a series of organic messages for new acquisitions, and a number of paid ads for remarketing.

The Results

  • After several months of working on this campaign the changes implemented, organic search volume increased by 553%.
  • There was a noticeable influx of domestic customers. With most trade coming via commercial/B2B, the surge of new customers can only be explained by the extra online exposure.
  • Arb & Grounds closed the final year having generated an extra £100k in turnover.
  • With the increased footfall, two additional staff members were hired to facilitate demand.

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