Case Study – Made Tech

The Client

Made Tech

Made Tech are a renowned software development company, based in London, that specialise in extreme programming, lean, and agile practices.

Initially helping startups get to market fast, they now work with some of the UK’s largest organisations, driving the adoption of modern software delivery practices while delivering innovative applications, and untangling legacy IT estates.

The Challenge

I was hired by Made Tech to help with their marketing strategy. Together, we identified the following five ‘problem’ areas:

  • Recording & Reporting Results. Made Tech had a number of staff using a whole range of marketing tools, applications and software. But, they did not have anything in place that recorded, shared or reported the data – making it next to impossible to track marketing efforts.
  • Sales Funnel Optimisation. Although their website did have an automated sales cycle, it was not advanced enough to know/remember at what stage a visiting user was at, meaning, it was missing opportunities to convert.
  • Lead Acquisition. Made Tech wanted to make better use of their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Specifically, paid advertising options and outreach, in order to recapture missed leads as well as target new prospects.
  • Academy Programme Recruitment. In order to recruit the best candidates for their 12-week Academy Programme, I was instructed by Made Tech to identify the ‘perfect candidate’ and develop a strategy to reach them via a multi-channel, digital marketing campaign.
  • PPC Campaign Optimisation. Existing/previous paid search campaigns run by the company were highly ineffective.

The Strategy

  • Recording & Reporting Results. I implemented two new key pieces of software, Drip and ConvertFlow. Staff were then able to share/sync vita data with a central CMS – Hubspot.
  • Sales Funnel Optimisation. I optimised the funnel so that a user’s position in the ‘cycle’ was remembered each time they accessed the website – triggering unique events each time. For example, if a user had already interacted with one CTA, they would be prompted with a different one upon returning.
  • Lead Acquisition. I used targeted social media adverts, email newsletters, case studies and blog content to engage individuals that were ambitious/passionate about the industry.
  • Academy Programme Recruitment. To help reach a larger audience, I implemented several paid campaigns via AdWords, Facebook and Linkedin, that specifically targeted graduates.
  • PPC Campaign Optimisation. Through intensive research and planning, I optimised advert wording, bid strategy, and delivery, in order to ensure maximum ROI.

The Results

  • Recording & Reporting Results. I made sure that all marketing efforts could be tracked and recorded. This allowed Made Tech to make more informed marketing decisions. Ultimately, the implementation improved newsletter subscription rates by 1550%
  • Sales Funnel Optimisation. Made Tech were now able to nurture leads over time by showing more relevant content/CTAs. In the following few months, the amount of users that progressed to the next stage in their respective ‘cycle’,  rose by 15%
  • Lead Acquisition. Retargeting advert CTR rose by 2%
  • Academy Programme Recruitment. The Academy Programme received over 100 applications and just under half (47%) were directly driven through my efforts.
  • PPC Campaign Optimisation. Following the adjustments, Made Tech were saving thousands on their monthly ad spend budget and achieving the same, or better, conversion rate.

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