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Modern marketing is fast-paced and constantly changing. If you don’t adapt or switch-up your approach, you’re out the game.

The lucrative but cutthroat nature of today’s marketing can make it difficult for companies (especially SME) to compete with some of the big players, especially when the latter are throwing thousands, if not millions into it.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. Regardless of how money much has been spent or how much exposure received, the success of a marketing asset is still heavily reliant on the effectiveness of its content.

Elliott Davidson Digital Marketing Consultant


For maximum impact, the content I produce is tailored for your target demographic.

For both consistency and longevity, it’s repurposable, and can be adapted for various marketing platforms/channels.

Using online and offline market research techniques including: Google Analytics and customer surveys/questionnaires, as well as data supplied by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), I can work out the peak ‘browsing time(s)’ of a specific age group.

I can also find out their preferred device: mobile, tablet etc, as well as target activity: checking emails, social media etc.

This information allows me to build and adapt our content and its delivery around the target demographic.

Undercutting competitors, improving brand image and greatly increasing chances of engagement.

What People Say


We create content that is not only great to read, but ticks all the right Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) boxes as well.

Whether it’s a webpage, blog post or online product listing, our highly capable team will produce industry-leading content every time.

Content that’s loaded (but not stuffed) with relevant SEO keywords for crawlers to pick up on.

Using both industry-leading software and good old-fashioned proofreading, every piece of our content is checked for accuracy, spelling/grammar, and that it is a 50 (or higher) on the Flesch Readability Scale – which is about the Plain English mark.

No gobbledygook here.

We write content that visitors, both human and robot, can’t get enough of.

Elliott Davidson Digital Marketing Consultant

Case Studies

A 553% lift in organic traffic lead to an extra £100k in turnover.

Arb & Grounds are a family run garden & grounds machinery sales, repairs and servicing centre based in Derby. They lacked an effective digital presence which, unbeknownst to them, was having a hugely negative effect on their business by missing out on hundreds of potential customers. I was brought in to shake up their digital marketing in order to boost their online exposure and increase awareness of the company.

Software development agency increases monthly leads by 130%

Made Tech were looking to scale up their business, but were held back by an ineffective digital marketing strategy. Through a range of activities, including: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertisements & Sales Funnels, I was able to grow their brand awareness. All of these strategies were part of a bigger goal to generate more them more leads.

I'd like to get to know you and your business

Tap into a new, bigger source of potential customers, engage with existing customers more efficiently, and most importantly of all, stand out from the crowd while doing it.