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As an experienced Frontend Designer and Developer, I work closely with real data and my client to develop considered, usable, high-converting designs for your next website or online store.

What is web design?

Let’s say your website is a car.

Web development is the engine underneath the bonnet, the unseen nuts and bolts that keep your car running as smoothly and quickly as it should.

Web design is everything else – the choice of colour, the steering wheel, the sat nav, the foldable seats, everything you can see and touch when you climb inside.

So, although they are inextricably linked, back-end development and front end design are two very different crafts. As a freelancer, I regularly offer both services in tandem, though if your focus is one or the other then we can cater to your needs.

User experience – the heart of design

Usability is the linchpin of all magnificent websites.

But where to start? The creation of memorable user experiences begins by recognising the primary motivations and goals of your target user – then creating an optimised journey to get them there.

When creating a wireframe, I always start by aligning business goals with user needs because this allows me to formulate a design that is entirely bespoke to your brand and the needs of your audience. Smart UX design isn’t about adding interesting new features or superficial tweaks for the sake of it.

My job is to ensure that life is as easy as possible for every user who lands on your website, wherever they land on it.

Represent your online brand the right way

A business’ website is now their most viewed marketing asset by a country mile.

Whether it’s a loyal customer who has been buying a product or service for decades or a person who has never heard of your brand before, websites have become the first port of call for key information about your business.

In the modern marketplace, a company cannot build or maintain a competitive market share without a website that represents the tone of voice and visual style of their brand to a tee.

Fully responsive design

I create and build unforgettable digital experiences across all devices.

People are rarely more than a thumb swipe away from online access, so you need a responsive website that’s fluid enough to flash up on any device: desktop, mobile or tablet.

The stats speak for themselves. More than half (60%) of all online traffic now comes from mobile devices and apps, and that growth shows no signs of slowing.

So, before launch, I put your website through its paces in our uncompromising Device Lab. This is the only way to ensure every aspect of web design is alive and kicking on every possible platform.

What is website development?

We live in an increasingly digital world where a powerful digital presence has never been more important for businesses looking to take their industry by the scruff of the neck.

For these businesses, being part of the digital age is no longer an option; it’s a must. Clients and customers are now almost certain to research you online before making any important decisions.

As a freelancer, I specialise in creative back end development, web application development, cross-browser testing – and everything else in between. I enjoy nothing more than building websites that allow the world to get a feel for the real value of your business.

A simple CMS that works for you

I speak to so many businesses that find their content management system doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

If you already have a rough idea for the type of system you’re looking for, we can work towards tailoring that vision with a specific purpose in mind.

Or, if you’re new to the CMS world then fear not! I listen to your needs and map out every aspect of your current situation before deciding which system is the best fit for your business.

I’m very familiar with a wide range of content management systems – WordPress, Magento, Webflow to name but a few…

E-commerce web development? No problem

Online shopping and scouting has exploded in the past ten years.

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single reputable business that doesn’t maintain a strong online presence for their product or service, whatever it is.

I worked closely with businesses big and small, from Derby and around the world, to structure, build and monetise websites that make it as easy as possible for customers to find their way to the checkout or contact page.

I can integrate your preferred choice of payment system, or recommend one, then create creative content rich, engaging copy that sits perfectly alongside your products. Sorted.

The website migration specialists

Time for a digital makeover or looking to make the switch to HTTPS?

I got the know-how to get you there.

Website migrations are our bread and butter, so I understand the challenges that need to be managed carefully every step of the way to ensure a swift and problem-free transition, whether it’s a full domain migration, hierarchy restructure or combining several assets into one.

Then there’s HTTPS – a faster and more secure hosting option that many businesses have already invested in. Making the switch to HTTPS is in your business’ best interests with it providing a boost for your SEO, and giving your visitors the security of knowing that their data is protected on your site, which is a huge trust factor.

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