Web Design

Modern, sleek & responsive - give your website a much needed makeover...

Internet use has exploded in the past two decades.

A website is now much more than just a landing page with a few lines of information on – it is a vital part of any organisation.

Researched, planned, implemented and optimised similar to any other marketing or sales asset, they are built to generate new business, reinforce existing business and increase brand exposure.

Any business that wants to be successful needs to have a website. Period.

Elliott Davidson Digital Marketing Consultant

Responsive Design

Having a mobile-friendly website is a necessity, not optional. I’m going to give you 4 reasons why.

First reason: Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher.

Second and third reasons: You’re adapting to customer shopping habits. In the UK alone, 70% of people own a smartphone. Of these, 73% access the internet “on-the-go”.

Fourth reason: Mobiles, tablets etc will only get more popular. This is not a ‘phase’ – updating your website is a safe investment.

There you have it, four reasons…

And four things I can help with!

What People Say

Secure & Lightning Fast

Have you heard of HTTPS?

I’ll help you buy and install an SSL certificate, which provides extra security, and deciphers encrypted pages up to 90% quicker.

Google doesn’t skimp on security. In an effort to encourage more companies to switch to HTTPS, it has started ranking websites with an SSL certificate higher.

Finally, no one likes a bloated website.

Customers expect their online shopping experience to be quick and hassle-free, not slow or sluggish.

I’ll help you trim the fat and get your website back into shape.

Elliott Davidson Digital Marketing Consultant

Case Studies

A 553% lift in organic traffic lead to an extra £100k in turnover.

Arb & Grounds are a family run garden & grounds machinery sales, repairs and servicing centre based in Derby. They lacked an effective digital presence which, unbeknownst to them, was having a hugely negative effect on their business by missing out on hundreds of potential customers. I was brought in to shake up their digital marketing in order to boost their online exposure and increase awareness of the company.

Software development agency increases monthly leads by 130%

Made Tech were looking to scale up their business, but were held back by an ineffective digital marketing strategy. Through a range of activities, including: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertisements & Sales Funnels, I was able to grow their brand awareness. All of these strategies were part of a bigger goal to generate more them more leads.

I'd like to get to know you and your business

Tap into a new, bigger source of potential customers, engage with existing customers more efficiently, and most importantly of all, stand out from the crowd while doing it.